martedì 13 agosto 2013

Altro Scam Nella Mia MailBox, More Scam In My MailBox

Today I got this strange email in which they mentioned I was winner of a raffle competition held this month and it has help in Madrid, ok, they got a very good imagination and many weak people can believe that giving them all they details, infos and maybe money if the guys of the email will start asking for something about something so be aware about this rubbish email if you got it one day, this is scam 101% and I am sure the oring, the sender will be in Nigeria or Ghana as usual. AVOID, THIS IS SCAM.

Here we go the shit letter

Thanks for filling the Claims Form on the Notification message. Congratulations! Your E-mail was confirmed as the WINNER of 2,000,000.00 Euros ( in US Dollars $2,477,700.69 USD) from Euro Raffle Promotion held in AUGUST, 2013 through a Computer Ballot Draw HELD in Europe. Claim Your Award by contacting Relliance Courier. 
 Relliance Courier will deliver the following documents (Named Below) to Your Designated Physical Address ;
* Original copy of your Euro Raffle Lottery WINNING CERTIFICATE
* Your Euro Raffle Lottery Prize CHEQUE (Check) of
€2,000,000.00 Euros 
* The documents will also include the European Gaming Board Authorization, and more.
Send Contact Name, Mailing Address and Telephone:

Delivery Team Leader, Delivery Department
CIM del Valles,P.Ind.Les Minetes P.4-5
Telephone: +34 674 620462
Alt Telephone: +34 711 794987

Send Response by Email.

NB: (You are ADVICED to request for Relliance Courier DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS to ensure Instant Delivery. **Your Prize DELIVERY is important and you will be responsible for the delivery .
Regards, Maria Gabriela Sanchez (Claim Mgr)

Euro Raffle

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