domenica 25 agosto 2013

That Fucking Scam In Your Mail Box

Be aware to this rubbish into your mail box because they are scam 101% if someone send you lottery prize emails from BBC, Honda and other famous makes. I got this rubbish claiming I won a lottery prize from Honda, the important japanese car make and how to claim the prize I have to email or call their offices in London, they are asking for my details how to scam me in some ways, ofcourse. SCAM!!!!!

This is the fake scam lottery promotion email

Welcome to the official site of the Honda Seasons Promotions. 2013.

European Region Office:
10B Canada Square,
London HP1 8HFD,
Ref: 475061725
Batches: 7056490902/188

we happily announce to you the draw of the Honda Lottery Promotions for the year 2012/2013 at our Lotto Draw Headquarters London, United Kingdom organized by Honda. This is to inform you that you have won prize money of GBP £355,000.00 (Three hundred and Fifty five thousand, Great Britain Pounds Sterling).

Honda Promo Inc. arranged and gathered some of all the e-mail addresses of the people that are active online, among the millions that subscribed to all Email Providers most especially Gmail Yahoo, Hotmail, Rediffmail and etc, we only selected Twenty (20) candidates per annually as our winners through Electronic Balloting System (EBS) without the candidate applying, we congratulate you for being one of our lucky winners.

We are sorry that your Payment Approval File was sent to London due to we have 3 lucky winners in United Kingdom so that you can be cleared and paid simultaneously there. You are to contact our UK Location Claim Office on or before your date of Claim.
Honda Lottery Prize must be claimed not later than 7days from date of Draw Notification after the Draw date in which Prize has won.
Note: Any prize not claimed within this period (7 days) will be forfeited.
These are your identification numbers:
Ticket number: 00545 188 564756,
Prize # 77801209/UK,
Winning Number:4634553/N,
Serial number 5368/02
Lucky numbers: 17 98 09 67 46

Simply contact our Customer Service Information Headquarters (CSIH Department),
Send this following information to the CSIH Department immediately for further procession.
1 Full Name:
2 Cell phone:
3 Contact Address:
4 Age:
5 Occupation:
6 Sex:
7 Country:


Proofs and reviews about Honda Lottery Promotion

Bayern Munich, I Love It

domenica 18 agosto 2013

Russian Scam

Hello,how are you ?
we talk on Badoo,
my real name is Polina,
i did not put it to the site because
some men asked me for nudes and i am scary.
when i got your message here in my email,
i hope you are right man,
hows your week goes ?
will try tell you about myself now.
i live in Russia and i had to change my location
on the site because of such results depends on what
location you put there,i am looking for the man abroad
so i did not get it from Russia.
I live in the city named Angarsk,
i am 30 years old,5'6 tall,not too old for you  ?
just joking :)
120 lbs weigh,blond,extremely beautiful(i look younger than
ladies of my age),no kids,just divorced last year.
what is about you ?
I work as dentist for last 7 years in private clinic,
what is about you ? what do you do for living ?
I do not smoke and drink(only little bit),never took
any kind of drugs so i look like younger.
my birthday is 1st of February.
and when is your birthday  ?
what is your favorite season ?

Let me know if you belive in destiny ?

P.S Little snow for your Hot Summer :)

The best post rock ever is in Iceland

The Sigur Ros are the best famous followers of Talk Talk did before and their post rock is here to show us how much good was that music in the 80's and 90's.

The Talk Talk invented the Post Rock

Who could believe that, The Talk Talk after the pop hits Such A Shame and others easy listening songs, in the 1988 they turned into a sperimental rock they called post rock and this genre of music was the leit motiv of many bands in the 90's and present like Radiohead, Sigur Ros, etc

mercoledì 14 agosto 2013

Il Ritorno Dellla Musica Fusion, The Fusion Music Has Come Back

With The Aristocrats the rock jazz fusion has come back and these guys remind us the pioneers of the genre, The Weather Reports. The rock never dies at all.

martedì 13 agosto 2013

Altro Scam Nella Mia MailBox, More Scam In My MailBox

Today I got this strange email in which they mentioned I was winner of a raffle competition held this month and it has help in Madrid, ok, they got a very good imagination and many weak people can believe that giving them all they details, infos and maybe money if the guys of the email will start asking for something about something so be aware about this rubbish email if you got it one day, this is scam 101% and I am sure the oring, the sender will be in Nigeria or Ghana as usual. AVOID, THIS IS SCAM.

Here we go the shit letter

Thanks for filling the Claims Form on the Notification message. Congratulations! Your E-mail was confirmed as the WINNER of 2,000,000.00 Euros ( in US Dollars $2,477,700.69 USD) from Euro Raffle Promotion held in AUGUST, 2013 through a Computer Ballot Draw HELD in Europe. Claim Your Award by contacting Relliance Courier. 
 Relliance Courier will deliver the following documents (Named Below) to Your Designated Physical Address ;
* Original copy of your Euro Raffle Lottery WINNING CERTIFICATE
* Your Euro Raffle Lottery Prize CHEQUE (Check) of
€2,000,000.00 Euros 
* The documents will also include the European Gaming Board Authorization, and more.
Send Contact Name, Mailing Address and Telephone:

Delivery Team Leader, Delivery Department
CIM del Valles,P.Ind.Les Minetes P.4-5
Telephone: +34 674 620462
Alt Telephone: +34 711 794987

Send Response by Email.

NB: (You are ADVICED to request for Relliance Courier DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS to ensure Instant Delivery. **Your Prize DELIVERY is important and you will be responsible for the delivery .
Regards, Maria Gabriela Sanchez (Claim Mgr)

Euro Raffle

domenica 4 agosto 2013

Quando clicchiamo sui LIKES pensiamo ai lavoratori indiani o del Bangladesh, when clicking on the LIKES always think about indian and bangladeshi workers

Every times we click likes online we have to think about indian and bangladeshi workers because the most of likes production comes from these two countries and earning 15 USD a month, this is that fucking capitalism baby, questo e' il capitalismo bellezza.

These are the most important websites where usually the likes made in India and Bangladesh come from:

sabato 3 agosto 2013

Francesca Pascale. la badante di Berlusconi

La stampa inglese non ama Silvio Berlusconi a causa delle sue tante vicissitudini politiche e non, infatti il Dailymail gli dedica ampio spazio dopo l'ultima condanna per corruzione dando molto rilievo alla sua attuale fidanzata o badante, la bellissima Francesca Pascale, the stunning Francesca Pascale.

venerdì 2 agosto 2013

Typical Scam On Facebook

I am so bored about scam and scammers that even on FB they dont leave us in peace and annoying us with their stupid messages about love, friendship and so on. I got this one.

  • Conversazione iniziata oggi
Lucy Bne
Ciao caro,
il mio nome è lucy, ho visto il tuo profilo oggi e diventare interessato a sapere di più su di te,
ecco il mio indirizzo e mail ( basta contattarmi indietro
in modo che io ti darò le mie foto per voi sapere che io sono
Si prega di non dimenticare che la distanza o il colore non significa che qualsiasi cosa, ma amore questioni molto,
contattatemi indietro in modo che noi conosciamo molto bene,
Tuo Nuovo Amico
Hello my dear,
my name is lucy,i soo much like your profile and i,m very very interested to know more about you,
so here is my email address ( just contact me back,
i have some thing very important to tell you, so that i will give you my pictures
for you to know me the more,please don,t forgot that color,distance does not
matters,please contact me on (
yours new friend

Maybe you got the same dirty stuff, if anyone got it just leave a comment in my blog and we keep in touch sharing ideas, opinions how to avoid this. Thanks mates

giovedì 1 agosto 2013

Be Aware To This Romance Scam Emails

If you receive emails like this

Hello! My name is Anastasia, friends and relatives call me Stasia.
I am a sociable and cheerful girl and it would be interesting to me to get acquainted with you.
I am single and this is why I have decided to write to you.
It is Summer now and I like this time of year very much, I think it is a great time for acwuaintance.
If you are interested in getting to know each other then I will be glad to see your letter and picture!
My e-mail:
I wish you a good day! Bye for now!!! 
Sincerely, Anastasia...

Well, this is romance scam 101% and also the pic you usually find attached with it is a fake so never ever reply to this guys because they will start asking for money with the exuse of Visa, Passaport and so on.

Fake scam picture from Russia