mercoledì 17 luglio 2013

PaidToLogin is exactly what the name says. You join and you get paid to login every day. You also get paid from referrals up to 10 levels deep. Users will also earn banner impressions which can be used to display their own banner on the site. 

My first impression is that this site is very plain and too simple. When you login you will be directed to an intermission ad, you click "skip" and it will take you to your account page. Which is very plain looking and might not appeal to those who like features and a better looking panel. 

This site originally was requested by one of our readers and I was shocked to see he was paid. However, I am still not convinced that this site is safe and reliable. So for now it will be added to the Ongoing Investigations List (till we can fully test the site). If you plan on joining, be sure to test it fully before making any kind of investment or purchases. 

Here are the pros and cons of PaidToLogin:

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