martedì 16 luglio 2013

Cash4visits is Scam

For those people are looking for websites where to earn extra money online well in the big jungle(Internet) we got this scam site, Cash4visits from Los Angeles, California, they claim to pay you just posting your reflink on the web, specially on the Socials and for each visit you got you will earn 5 cents of USDollar and also the payout is 30 USDollars via Paypal but the strange thing with this guys is that the website doesnt has any security features such as a captcha, a confirmation link, etc, they must be a must for websites that deal with money and e-commerce, so, guys dont trust too much websites like this, dont buy any service online with them cos they will close very soon with your money, they will not pay ever. You will never know the real owner with a simple WHOIS cos they are hide and the life of this site looks too short just 70 days, come on, this is scam

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