venerdì 27 aprile 2012

Valtari, the new album by post rock band Sigur Ros

The new Sigur Ros's album Valtari
The Sigur Ros, the famous icelandic post rock band is realising Valtari/Roller, their sixth studio album, on May 28 2012 and will be more electronic than the last ones but it does not mean it will be a dance album, it will be a post rock album completely sang in icelandic as usual because this band privileges their native language and not english how to dominate the angloamerican charts. The tracks will be 8: Eg Anda, Ekki Mukk, Varud, Rembihnutur, Daudalogn, Vardeldur, Valtari, Fjogur Piano. So, if you want to be different enjoy the icelandic rock and The Sigur Ros. You can enjoy their streaming here: Ekki Mukk and to have an idea how can be this album fantastic..

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